Create unique wallpapers on your phone homescreen with ‘Clarity’ – New App

‘Clarity’ is a phone app that helps you edit your mobile’s wallpaper. This tool helps you to keep your lock screen time/ date legible. In addition, it will ensure your home screen icons are lucid.

According to its developers, this tool will make any of your photos a perfect wallpaper. With Clarity, you can mask your lock screen wallpaper with transparent gradient based on the color of your image. It allows you to toggle through 3 options: Hue, saturation & opacity. Depending on your tastes, Clarity allows you to add frosted glass effects to your home screen wallpaper.

In addition, Clarity has integrated over 200 gradients. Therefore, you have a wide range of beautiful colored gradients. These gradient colors range from Tranquil, Transfile, Sylvia, Deep sea space, Dusk among others. The tool also allows you to combine a variety of colors to create a custom made gradient wallpaper.

Currently, Clarity is only available to iOS users. It was released on App Store on May 11, 2017. It comes in 2 languages – English & Simplified Chinese.

Clarity is developed by Youanjing Co. Ltd, & is headquartered in Su Zhou Shi, China.

Click here to download Clarity from Apple’s App Store.



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Image Credit: Clarity 


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