Create your own Online, mobile, smart TV channel with Viloud

viloudViloud is a platform that helps you create your own TV channel by pulling in the Content you like from YouTube, Vimeo & direct links.

You can choose all the 3rd-party Content you like from these Sites & create playlists to create your own TV channel with minimal effort. But that’s not the innovative part since you can already do this on YouTube itself. The real innovation here is that Viloud lets you create players that will run on the Web, Android & iOS devices, & on Smart TVs.

Furthermore, the player or app is co-branded & you can upload your own logo so it looks like your own application.

As the icing on the cake, Viloud will help you upload your app to the top Smart TV manufacturers like LG, Sony, Sharp, Loewe & others. That sounds like a lot of value you get for little effort other than curating Content & creating playlists. You can also embed your channel on your blog or website &share videos with unique URLs.

Viloud is promoting it as a way to draw more traffic to your Website & views for your YouTube & Vimeo videos. You can sign up for a free version to test the service. You could even monetize your Content with the help of Viloud’s ad partners. They also have a pro version that allows you to create ad-free & fullly-branded TV channels, import playlists, build mobile & TV apps, & customize the player design.

If you sign up for the pro version & create the mobile apps, you could try & get them listed on iTunes & Google Play to draw even more views to your video Content.

The Viloud platform for creating your own TV channel is currently in beta. Alicante, Spain-based Viloud was founded in 2014 by Joan Miquel Fuster Mollá & Raul Montilla Molina. They’re also both the co-founders of Online music TV service, Vilanoise TV.

Image Credit: Viloud



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