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Are you an app developer who wants to launch his/her mobile app? Well, ‘Suppo’ is a tool that helps you create a responsive Website for your mobile app. Also, you get to have the Website ‘live’ within minutes.

Suppo has over 50 prebuilt design elements that allow full control of how you want your Site. You simply drop its pixel perfect elements into your template. You can also use Suppo’s template editor & update your Website in real time. This allows you to update the Site’s text colours & images. You will also have a 100% custom colour options for your template.

In addition, the tool allows you to create multiple templates that you can use with A/B testing. The tool also allows you to switch between template designs instantly easily. You can also improve conversion rates using Suppo’s template specific tools.

To provide you with real time stats, Suppo collects unique visitor stats as well as overall views. Besides, it can also show stats depending on the template you are using. It also shows you a daily, monthly & overall total. In addition, Suppo allows you to create click-throughs to the Google PlayStore and App Store as well as the click-through rates.

The tool also allows you to have your very own subdomain. For example, if your app is ABC, then the domain will be Its developers claim that soon Suppo will support having your domain name.

To have access to the tool it requires you to sign up using your email. They offer you two membership plans, a basic and pro one. You have access to the template elements depending on your plan. Renewing your membership plans is quite easy. You just need to go to the signup page after which you’ll still get all your saved templates & template URLs. Suppo is also offering a 14-day trial period for the tool.

This tool is developed by Jamie Peak a designer & Front-end developer. The startup’s headquarters are in North Yorkshire, UK.



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Image Credit: Suppo



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