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heaplogoHeap is a mobile blogging app that allows you to quickly & easily create ‘heaps’ or compositions comprising video, photo, text &/or sound.

Using Heap, anybody can create their own micro-magazines with no design, CMS & other associated Online publishing headaches.

You can create versatile & individualized multimedia posts, with custom filters for your photos & videos, & up to 400 characters in each text element. You can create your multimedia compositions in any combination or order you want, & rearrange media elements in the composition by shaking your phone. Each Heap can have up to 5 videos.

The idea is to make it easier & faster to blog about your experiences than about subjects or topics. Even so, if you are wondering what to publish, make use of the app’s trending feed to discover new styles posted by other users from all over the world & get inspired by their Heaps. You can not only follow specific users, but also specific hash tags, so that you get to see new heaps from these people or tags in your personal feed.

Your Heap profile is automatically developed based on the Heaps & tags that you use a lot. In fact, creating Heaps around specific topics you are interested in makes you an influencer for those specific #tags. People using a tag most frequently appear at the top of the tag page.

You can search for people or tags & start following them. You can also like specific Heaps & save them in your own profile, & share all this with others via Twitter. The Android version is currently under development. The Heap mobile blogging platform was developed by Berlin, Germany-based Heap GmbH, co-founded by Christopher Leidinger, Mario Lebherz, & Sami Benchekroun.

Click here to download the Heap mobile blogging app for iOS devices from the App Store.

- This post is merely a startup profile based on publicly available information & not a review -
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