‘Composé’ helps you to interactively prototype & create iOS apps

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If you’re looking to develop fully functioning & rich apps for the Apple iPhone & iPad platforms with a minimum of fuss, you may want to check out the ‘Composé’ integrated development environment. With this tool a developer can add such basic functionality to an App as: Navigation & execution of actions; Inclusion of animations; Integration of images, video & audio; Creation of forms with standard controls.

Composé is a native Mac app that includes a freeform editor which allows the developer to position elements in a scene & to instantly preview & test apps on iOS devices. The tool integrates a wealth of advanced features, such as the possibility of embedding & playing back audio files (MP3 & MP4), support for video streaming (HLS) & video files controlled by user actions, interactive maps, photo views (including photo library support), PDF & MS Office integration, sensor & timer integration, database creation & edition, design layout library, integration with local JSON & CSV data, RSS feeds, custom forms, animation of objects, support for portrait & landscape orientations, zooming, storyboards for prototyping & much more. The list is quite long & in fact the Composé Website lists 60 detailed features.

Composé is a Germany-based company, & is a supporter of the use of the open source development model, publishing its source under an MIT license (although BSA & Apache-licensed code is also used). It employs such popular OSS tech as: HTML & CSS, Web containers, JSON, Atom & RSS, & JavaScript. It also supports integration with native Apple tech such as Cocoa & Xcode.

At the present time, the app can only be used on a Mac & requires Mac OS X 10.7 or later. A free, open-source, downloadable version is available from the Company’s Website. A Pro version is also available there for $199. The latter is a premium version which provides support & access to added features. Three interesting extensions are also on offer at Composé’s Extension Store: A free real-time, drag-and-drop blur view extension & 2 extensions priced at $19 each, one for controlling audio playback when your apps are running in the background & another for showing a gallery with images. It appears that more extensions are in the planning stage.

Composé is also marketing ‘Composer’, a complementary app for iOS developers which integrates well with the development environment & facilitates the storage of data in the Cloud, supporting push notifications for iOS Apps.

If you’re interested in looking at rapid development for the iOS platform, you may also want to check out other similar products, such as Apple’s own XCode or Xamarin Studio.

– This post is merely a startup profile based on publicly available information & not a review. –
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