Collaboration tool Slack introduces ‘User Groups’

slacklogoTeam collaboration tool Slack has just added a feature called, ‘User Groups’, to help communicate within the team even more efficiently.

A post on its official blog said: there is more. User Groups also help you manage channel membership and bring an additional level of order to the team directory. When you create a user group you can define a default set of channels to which all members of the group will belong. Then, whenever you add a new employee to the @engineers group, they’ll automatically be added to every one of your related engineering channels and get up to speed on previous Slack discussions that much quicker. It’s a small part of this new feature, but a huge win that helps automate onboarding at growing companies.

User Groups are enabled for all Slack teams on paid plans (both Standard and Plus). New groups can be created in the Team Directory panel in your desktop app. You can give each a descriptive name and add a note on purpose to help others understand what each group is for. The team directory will then list your team’s existing user groups and show the details of each, along with the the group’s members.

User Groups are available now for all paid Slack teams.

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Image Credit: Slack




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