CMS Tagplay is the Most Useful Startup of the Month – July 2015

In July, What’s New On The Net featured a whole bunch of startups & smartphone apps. The 1 that really caught our Edit team’s eye, though, was Tagplay, a Content Management System (CMS) that automatically updates Websites using hashtags when you post social media updates using the right tags.

So the team here decided to name Tagplay as the ‘ Most Useful Startup’ of the month for July 2015. Congrats, guys.

Here’s what Tagplay does (very briefly): Once you set up sections on your Site to display Content for a specific tag, the rest works pretty much automatically. You post Content on your own social media pages like Facebook, Twitter & Instagram, & that Content gets shown on the relevant section of your Website, too. It’s not just Twitter or Facebook. You could very well plug in email or any other social media management or Content management tools of your choice.

Click here to read up on the entire Tagplay story.




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