Cloudstreet launches solution for consumers & businesses looking for superior mobile Internet experience – Press note

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Helsinki, Nov.11, 2015, PRNewswire: Cloudstreet, a Nokia spin-off company, launches solution for consumers and businesses looking for a superior mobile internet experience.

Cloudstreet, the Nokia spin-off specialized in dynamically improving the mobile internet experience, is pleased to announce the availability of its bandwidth-on-demand solution for mobile operators around the world.

Cloudstreet delivers prioritized mobile data connections for users by reserving network bandwidth on-demand, while effectively balancing local capacity to ensure an optimal internet experience for all. Without disrupting or diminishing service quality for others, Cloudstreet solves the problem of delivering prioritized network performance while ensuring compliance with the requirements of Net Neutrality.

Used by all of Finland’s major broadcasters including YLE TV1 & 2, MTV3 and Nelonen for broadcasting live news and sporting events since 2013, Cloudstreet has provided bandwidth-hungry users like television production crews the speed and capacity they need to transmit HD/4K video over busy mobile networks.

“We are thrilled at the opportunity to roll out Cloudstreet to customers across Finland,” said Mika Skarp, Founder and CTO of Cloudstreet. “It has been an exciting 2 years working with some of nation’s most advanced technologists and teams to prove Cloudstreet’s ability to serve some of the most data-intensive applications, like broadcast video. Now extending that to the homes and smart phones of our fellow Finns, we are delighted at the opportunity to demonstrate to Finland and the world that bandwidth on-demand is not only possible, but can be delivered dynamically for large numbers of users in complete harmony with Net Neutrality”.

With the introduction of a new regulatory framework governing Net Neutrality, the European Parliament has delivered a clear and future-friendly statement that protects consumers while encouraging innovation. Directly addressing the primary requirements of any bandwidth prioritization to treat all content equally and in no way diminish another user’s experience, the legislation clearly advances from earlier U.S. FCC & FTC positions.

Cloudstreet directly addresses these requirements with a 100% EU compliant solution, enabling net neutral bandwidth-on-demand for consumer and business applications like HD video and the Internet of Things (IoT).

Public launch of Cloudstreet services in Finland

Sonera corporate customers in Finland will be the first to enjoy Cloudstreet’s prioritized data subscriptions, first optimized for video conferencing as of this writing, November 11th, 2015.

Cloudstreet will soon be launching an App for Android, iOS and Windows Mobile. By downloading the app and subscribing to Cloudstreet, users will experience a superior mobile internet experience that effectively provides them their own personal private lane on the mobile internet.

Cloudstreet also provides a solution to replace fixed DSL broadband connections for homes and small businesses.

About Cloudstreet

Founded in 2010, Cloudstreet is a cloud based service platform for telecom operators, combining business and network layer technologies to provide context specific bandwidth-on-demand, first developed at Nokia’s Silicon Valley campus.

Aligned with the principles of net-neutrality, Cloudstreet directly addresses the need for operators to manage the delivery of customer-oriented, application-aware quality-of-service within their networks, while ensuring an open and equal access Internet.

Cloudstreet is provisioned to users based on the dynamic details of an application-specific profile to deliver highly personalized services dynamically, while effectively balancing network traffic and data demand. From streaming HD Video to data-intensive apps and the emerging Internet-of-Things, Cloudstreet bridges the gap between the digital services we all use, need and enjoy and the network infrastructure that serves them.




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