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This free service lets you perform a comprehensive SEO audit on a Website & receive tips with step-by-step guides for fixing any shortcomings. It’s completely free to use & can be an invaluable resource for putting your Site at the top of search engine query results.

To get started analyzing a Website, just head on over to the Sitechecker Site here & enter the domain name or URL & click on check. In an average time of 7 seconds, the analyzer will return your page score, notices, warnings & critical errors. Full descriptions are available for all parameters.

The analyzer will do the following important checks:

  • Titles, descriptions, H1-H6 tags & size of page
  • Images with big size, with no titles or alt attributes
  • Errors related to your sites technical SEO
  • Check for all external & internal links on your page so you can remove or replace broken links
  • Check Google page speed score for desktop & mobile versions of page

The page SEO score that Sitechecker gives you is based on a “combination of valuation of critical errors, warnings, notices, & Google page speed results”. It’s meant to be be a relative measure so that you can use it to evaluate changes you make on the pages prior to running the SEO tests.

To take advantage of the audit results you can use the tips provided by the tool to fix errors on each page & so the same for every page of your site. Optimizing page SEO is important so that search engine robots won’t penalize your pages for quality faults.

Once your pages are optimized optimized, your should be able to:

  • Increase volume of organic traffic by correctly filling in titles, descriptions & tags

  • Improve search engine ranking position of the Site by having a faster load time & getting rid of broken links

  • Eliminate your Site’s major vulnerabilities

Sitechecker is a free service provided by Ukraine-based Boosta who also offer other SEO & keyword research tools like Kparser, which we covered recently on this blog. 

– This is a startup profile based on publicly available material & not a review – 
Image Credit: Sitechecker

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