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What are Google Now cards? 3 tips to get you started

It’s amazing to see how far Google Now has come since it launched in 2012 — yet perhaps more surprising is how many people don’t use it, and more surprising still is how many don’t know what it is. In short, Google Now is a better, sleeker alternative to Siri.
But the problem is that Google Now is more confusing for users than, say, Siri or Cortana, & it may all come down to terminology.

5 ways to transfer files from one computer to another

When you buy a new computer, you’ll want to transfer most of your existing files over to the new computer. A lot of people, who spend their time gathering vacation pictures & family videos, will want to make a big move leaving nearly nothing behind. Others, like myself, only keep the essential stuff; some documents they’re still working on & a few application installations they’ll be needing shortly.