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The 5 best iPad RSS Readers

RSS may not be the most popular way to get updates from your favorite sites anymore, but a lot of people, including myself, still use it regularly to quickly peruse and read a lot of information. The iPad is a great platform for catching up on your online reading, but there are lots of apps out there that do the same job — so how do you know which one is the best? I saved you the time of looking through them all by trying them out myself. Here’s what I found.

7 Siri alternatives for Android: Google Now, Cortana, & more

Our phones aren’t merely devices we use to call the people we like (and some folks that we don’t). They’ve become friends. No, they’re now life partners. We take them with us everywhere, even places we would never take the people we love, like the toilet. We cuddle up with them at night and start our day with their company. But this relationship isn’t one of pure affection. Our phones serve us. They’re personal assistants. No matter how many times you ask your phone the same question, it doesn’t get annoyed. Even when it doesn’t know the answer, it will try.

5 popular apps that will enrich your Instagram experience

As Instagram users, we all look for apps that will add to the charm of pictures we share. There are so many apps out there that help enhance that image you took before uploading it on Instagram that it’s becoming increasingly difficult to zero in on the right ones. But fret not. We bring you 5 apps that you can use to promote your images, give them a vintage look, or even send them off as pretty holiday postcards.

Quick tips you can use to make a better LinkedIn profile

It can be hard to think of social media as something useful. But it actually can be a very valuable tool in many situations. There’s no site where this is more true than LinkedIn. It takes all the familiar trappings of a social networking site & switches the premise from connecting with friends to connecting with current & potential business partners.