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How to download all videos from a YouTube playlist

I know what you’re thinking; “Why would I want to download all the videos in a YouTube playlist?” It’s a fair question – after all, we live in an age where everything from your phone to your fridge has an internet connection. We can get any video we want in a matter of seconds.

5 tips for better email security

Even the most sophisticated cyber attacks can begin with a relatively simple email compromise. With this in mind, here are some of our simple tips to help make your email more secure, without the need to set up a private email server.

55 interesting facts about Google – Infographic

Google is the leading global search engine. However, besides this basic information, there are loads of least known facts about this huge company. Here’s a list of facts that you probably didn’t know about Google, courtesy BargainFox.

5 alternatives to YouTube

The popularity of YouTube is such that many think to forget that there are rivals that are equally good. Here’s our choice of YouTube alternates.