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Skype video not working? How to test & troubleshoot your camera – e-What, Why & How

Occasionally, people seem to have difficulty configuring their Webcam & video to work properly with the Skype software. No matter what they try, there’s no video stream on display. If you’re experiencing this, this short list solves the problems of no video stream from either your webcam or from the person you’re calling.

3 actionable steps to improving your Online privacy right now – e-Why, What & How

You’re worried about Facebook & Cambridge Analytica. You know you’re being tracked by advertisers each time you go Online. And your operating system is recording your Online activity & searches. This isn’t privacy, it’s surveillance. But it doesn’t have to be this way. You can improve your Online privacy right now in just 3 steps.

One nifty reason why you should consider using Google Podcasts – e-Why, What & How

There’s no denying it: Google’s new Android podcast app is barebones. You can search for & subscribe to podcasts, listen to podcasts, & get recommendations. But you can’t create playlists or filters, you can’t rate or review podcasts, & it doesn’t even provide podcast notifications.
But it’s still worth giving a chance! Especially if you’re deeply embedded in Google’s gadget ecosystem.

How to repair or recover data from a corrupted PDF file – e-Why, What & How

If you can’t open a PDF, it might be because it’s corrupted. If you haven’t backed up your data, discovering a broken file can be a nightmare. We’re going to help you fix your PDF through tools and Windows techniques. It may be possible to fully repair the entire PDF, restoring it to its original state, or you might only be able to extract elements and rebuild the rest. Anything you can get, right?

How businesses use mobile marketing – Infographic

Smartphones have changed our lives, changed the way the world does business. The number of active smartphone users has surpassed the 1 billion mark. Smartphones present a massive marketing opportunity. Mobile marketing is a multi-channel strategy which includes a wide range of activities that connect advertisers to customers through mobile computing devices. For digital marketers, then, mobile devices represent an excellent marketing & advertising platform & opportunity.