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Announcement by Internet companies.

The 1st DJ-style headphones with camera: New from Altec Lansing – Press note

Here’s a new way for DJs to pump up the energy wherever they’re playing master of music ceremonies: record the scene hands-free through the built-in DVR camera on Altec Lansing’s new DVR DJ-Style Headphones, then stream the video in real time to the closest flat screen so the crowd can see itself from a DJ’s-eye view for a true immersive experience.

At US $30.3 bln, global mobile game revenues likely to bypass console game revenues in 2015 – Press note

The video games & mobile gaming sector continues to be an area of fast growth as games are considered low-cost entertainment on which people will continue to spend money even during times of recession. Global mobile game revenues are expected to eclipse console game revenues in 2015 & could generate $30.3 billion worldwide.

Template-based way of creating Android apps from scratch by Appsgeyser – Press note

Appsgeyser has devised a messenger template for Android devices. The template is the easiest way to create an app from scratch, customized to suit your needs, without having to have technical abilities. The template is an instant messenger service that enables you to send messages, photos, videos & files from your device to your contacts.