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Meltdown & Spectre leave every CPU vulnerable to attack

Meltdown primarily affects Intel processors and is (relatively) easy to patch. To add fuel to the fire, Intel’s response to the flaw has drawn sharp criticism from the security industry. Spectre has the potential to affect almost every modern processor across all manufacturers and will be the more challenging of the two exploits in the long term. However, to get a sense of how severe these two flaws are, and how they affect you, we first need to take a look at how a CPU works.

Millions can be hacked through vulnerable computer chips

2 critical vulnerabilities found in Intel & ARM chips allows attackers steal data from the memory of running apps, such as data from password managers, browsers, emails,etc. Researchers who discovered the vulnerabilities, dubbed “Meltdown” & “Spectre,” said that “almost every system,” since 1995, including computers & phones, was affected by the bug. 

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