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Exchange your cryptocurrency with ‘Evercoin’

Bitcoin is no longer the only game in town. It seems like each day another cryptocurrency appears on the market & it can be difficult to convert from 1 to the other without going through multiple hoops. This is where ‘Evercoin’ can be of help. It’s a Silicon Valley-based instant-access cryptocurrency exchange that seeks to transform the world’s financial infrastructure.

“Clean up” your Online personality

For all of you out there who have started to have problems with how the Internet’s reporting them in search results, etc, here’s some news. Developers from Sweden have created a tool that can help them streamline their Online personality by allowing ’em to “delete” portions of their Online presence with just a few clicks.

Called, the tool lets an Internet user see all of the Websites & Online services he/she’s signed up for in the past. It then asks if you’d like to unsubscribe to some of ’em. BTW, it asks for your email address & password so it can scan for the Sites you’re signed up to.

Google Allo comes to the desktop


Google’s user-facing chat app Allo, a kinda successor to Gchat, has been made available on the desktop from today. The service lets you chat with friends while taking advantage of features like stickers, “smart replies”,  & so on.