New companies

‘Cylix’ is your 1 stop digital organizer – #Startup

Cylix can be used as a powerful aid for creating, storing & retrieving data. Its ability to store files of different formats such as pdf, text, image, & code makes it an ideal companion for individuals working over the Internet. With minimal load time, Cylix gives users instant access to stored data.

‘PickedMail’ is personal AI that helps your Inbox learn what you care about – New app

This free personal email app for your iPhone, ‘PickedMail’ learns & adapts to the way you pick & unpick emails, eventually saving you time. It starts out with a rough idea of what you think is a useful email is & then listens to you as you train it & winds up closely following your instructions autonomously when picking relevant new messages.

This tool claims to secure your team communications with end-to-end encryption

In an increasingly intrusive digital age, anything & everything that is put up Online is vulnerable to being read by people other than the intended users. This makes privacy of paramount importance for individuals who are passing sensitive or personal information through the Internet.

Design professional presentations on ‘Slidebean’ – #Startup

‘Slidebean’ is a platform that allows you to create professional presentations in a jiffy. The tool has professionally curated templates that enable your message to stand out. You can use this tool for college projects, or for pitching ideas to angel investors, or to give annual reports.

A startup that helps you run contests on Instagram – #Startup

Getting followers & likes on an Instagram account is no small affair. It requires hard work & dedication to build a good subscriber base. However, there are certain hacks that can let one increase the engagement & overall audience in a short period of time. This is through launching Instagram contests which involve giveaways of products that define the brand & are of great value to the audience.