New companies

‘Findshot’ – where you can get high-quality royalty free images – #Startups

Findshot is a platform that claims to cater to the needs of the aforementioned groups of people & also for high-quality image enthusiasts. Users will have to register on the platform so that they are able to post their work. Once registered the user will post their pictures provided they do not infringe on any copyright laws. The findshot team will then review the images before approving them.

Here comes a “smart” mentor that resides in ‘Slack’ – Bots

Have you ever had trouble in connecting with your team? Emails, messages, & meetings can lead to a wasteage  of time. ‘Enkibot’ utilizes Artificial Intelligence (AI) to “build up” each & every person on your team. It’s billed as, “an AI based mentor” residing in team communication tool ‘Slack’.