New companies

‘Boutir’ is an app that lets you build & manage your Online store – New app

With this store builder app & its mobile-commerce platform you’ll be able to quickly get your product’s Online presence off the ground & you’ll be selling from your own shop for free on mobile, on both iPhone & Android.

There’s a lot of ways to sell stuff Online but most involve a lot of development & Online marketing work. Boutir makes things simple. It’s made for sellers who want to reach a wider audience through mobile platforms, giving their businesses a big boost without having to worry about dealing with the major marketplaces & their expensive listing & transaction fees.

Inject creativity in your presentations with ‘Ludus’ – # Startup

Are you tired of the current slide based presentation programs? More so, do you feel these available programs such as PowerPoint, Keynote or even Google Slides do not provide you with the intuitive experience you crave for? Well, Ludus is a new tool in the market that claims it will give these already established tools “a run for their money.”