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Use ‘Twitter One Click Block’ Chrome extension to quickly block accounts

If you use Twitter at all then you’ve probably suffered from having to wade through unwanted & tiresome tweets from accounts that you can do without. Twitter provides a mechanism for blocking accounts, but wading through the procedure for doing so is time consuming & not very intuitive. This is where the Twitter One Click Block extension can come in handy.

Discover the best SaaS apps on Cardlife’s SaaS Directory

SaaS subscriptions are becoming more dominant in the business world. Subscriptions range from Google apps for your Gmail account, Mailchimp for your emails, Zendesk, among others. This is where Cardlife’s Saas Directory comes into play. It is a resource that helps business monitor & manage all their subscriptions in 1 place.

Manage your digital assets with ‘Pics.io’

Are you a marketing manager spending 100s of hours answering file search requests & digging up photo archives? Well, Pics.io could be the startup that will save you valuable hours.