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Find email addresses of practically anyone on LinkedIn with ‘Slik Prospector’

If you’ve ever had to find sales leads as part of a marketing or sales campaign, you know that LinkedIn is one of the best places to hone in on industry decision makers & leaders for practically any niche. For that matter, almost none of the social networks display members email addresses. Slik Prospector gets those emails for you with a stated accuracy of 98%.

Time tracking with ‘TopTracker’

Well, Toptal’s ‘TopTracker’ is a time tracking app that allows freelancers to track their time as well as performances easily. It is a time tracker that works for all freelancers regardless of your job platform.

Build, design & update your Website with ‘Heek’

With Heek, you will have total control of your Site creation process. You start off by answering some questions regarding your business, look at the suggestions that the tool provides, then choose from the options you like, thus getting yourself a personalized Site.