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Use ‘Post66’ to manage company or project’s social media needs with just a few clicks – New app

Quite a few social media managing platforms & apps, like Buffer & Hootsuite, are available for businesses & brands to keep on top of their profiles. What makes ‘Post66’ different is its ease of use, unlimited number of accounts that can be managed, as well as the important number of useful features it has.

‘muchCast’ is a research tool that helps you analyze Twitter data – #Startups

muchCast is aimed at professionals who are interested in gathering a research base from Twitter feeds. According to the company, it can be used by cryptocurrency enthusiasts to determine opinion trends & make better trading decisions, by marketing researchers, & by journalists.

With ‘Sentry,’ developers can monitor, track errors, & fix crashes in real time – #Startups

If you’re relying on outmoded methods for error tracking, like logs or user feedback, you can definitely do a whole lot better.  Sentry can be set up quickly with just a few lines of code & then when errors occur, you get notifications via SMS, text services, chat, email, or you can incorporate it into your existing workflow.