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Get inspired when creating your brand identity with ‘Logobook’

Coming up with a nicely designed corporate or brand identity: logo, symbol or trademark, is not easy. Even a graphics pro needs some inspiration. Logobook’s Website directory of classic designs, going back to the 1950s, might just make the difference to help give you that extra edge.

Easily write your notes Online using ‘Notepin’

Notepin is a note taking app that let’s you create your own Online notebook. The app provides you with a minimalist editor which ensures that you have a distraction free environment while writing your notes.

Become a graphic designer on the fly with ‘Fotojet’

With this all-in-one Online tool for graphic design you can edit your pics & create professionally finished photos as well as creative collages. It comes with a wealth of templates for banners, covers, posts… ready to be published in social media or for you to use in any social occasion.