New apps on mobile devices

‘WALTR 2’ lets you drag & drop Content to Apple devices without iTunes

If you’re an iPhone, iPad or even an iPod user, you know how burdensome & frustrating it can be to get your Content into your device from a Mac or Windows computer. WALTR 2 has just been launched to make life easier for users so that you can wirelessly drag & drop just about any type of file into iOS devices & iPods.

Sprayscape – the future of VR photos?

Launched a few days ago, Sprayscape is an open source app for Android that enables you to take 360 degree photos. A Sprayscape photo is panoramic, but is taken from a VR point of view & is all around you.

‘Tribe’ is a free, augmented video messenger app

Tribe just announced the availability of version 2 of its 1-touch video walkie-talkie app on both iOS & Android platforms. The new version can add subtitles automatically to your video messages, which can be recorded & stored & sent to friends or groups.