New apps on mobile devices

8i’s ‘Holo’ app lets you mix real people & holograms in photos & videos – New app

Holo was released earlier this the summer for both iOS & Android, but where it really shines is on the Apple platform, where it is optimized for ARKit’s enhanced VR environment. With the iOS app you’ll be able to walk around a hologram character as if it’s in the same room as you.

Android users – Wallpapers & skins for you

Wallpapers & skins are best when changed often. Downloading wallpapers, saving them to your phone & then changing them wastes a lot of your time & energy. Instead, if there was that 1 place from where you could get all your favorite wallpapers & skins, you would be a happier Android user This is exactly what ‘Everything Android’ aims to do: make Android users happier.

Get automated screenshots in your Inbox – #Startup

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