New apps on mobile devices

No need to jailbreak, install hidden iOS apps from ‘BuildStore’

Have you gone to the Apple App Store & found out that a favorite app is no longer available? Due to this most of us have tried to jail-break apps but with mixed results. Well, no more worries as BuildStore, a Website containing apps thrown out from the official Store has you covered.

Create your mobile app Web page with ‘Suppo’

Are you an app developer who wants to launch his/her mobile app? Well, Suppo is a tool that helps you create a responsive Website for your mobile app. Also, you get to have the Website ‘live’ within minutes.

Get ultimate control over your email with ‘Throttle’

To begin with, Throttle is a browser extension. That said, this 1 offers “complete control over your email”. It generates unique email addresses for you, thus protecting your Inbox & your identity. This extension will help you to control who can send you email, hence reducing useless notifications.