New apps on mobile devices

Get ultimate control over your email with ‘Throttle’

To begin with, Throttle is a browser extension. That said, this 1 offers “complete control over your email”. It generates unique email addresses for you, thus protecting your Inbox & your identity. This extension will help you to control who can send you email, hence reducing useless notifications.

‘GamerLink’ is all about games & gamers

Are you a gamer? Well, if you are, then LFG may not sound too unfamiliar to you. Looking For Group systems help, you find a team in the gaming world. This is where GamerLink comes into play. It’s a universal matchmaking app for Online video games & gamers.

Manage your digital assets with ‘’

Are you a marketing manager spending 100s of hours answering file search requests & digging up photo archives? Well, could be the startup that will save you valuable hours.

‘WALTR 2’ lets you drag & drop Content to Apple devices without iTunes

If you’re an iPhone, iPad or even an iPod user, you know how burdensome & frustrating it can be to get your Content into your device from a Mac or Windows computer. WALTR 2 has just been launched to make life easier for users so that you can wirelessly drag & drop just about any type of file into iOS devices & iPods.