New apps on mobile devices

Use ‘TextPuff’ to convert your Web traffic into app downloads – #Startup

Do you own a Website as well as an app to go along with it? Well, TextPuff is a platform that helps you increase your app downloads. Statistics show that over 90% of your desktop visitors usually don’t download your mobile app. Therefore, TextPuff comes in handy to convert your Site visitors into app downloads.

A Website building platform that also provides traffic insights

Website building platforms such as WordPress & SquareSpace are growing with each passing day. However, there exists a gap between beginner Website tools & enterprise-grade business solutions. To fill this gap, there’s now a startup called ‘Verst’. The latter is a smart platform for building professional-looking Websites & blogs.

Monetize your mobile app with ‘Clickky’ self-serve platform

Whether you’re a publisher or advertiser, Clickky helps you target mobile ads to the right audience while managing your budget. To help you promote apps, you can use the self-service platform to choose the formats, launch & optimize your mobile CPI campaigns.

Organize your life with ‘Agenda’

The app focuses on efficiency as well as simplicity. You can use Agenda-To Do, Lists, & Tasks if you are looking for an easy way to keep productivity on track & to get things done.

Track your iPhone & iPad with ‘ScreenUse’ – New app

Are you a smartphone junkie? The average iPhone & iPad user checks his or her device around 100 times per day. If you’re really serious about measuring the extent of your “addiction”, then you might want to give ScreenUse a try.