Artificial Intelligence

‘Aipoly’ is marketing platform that wants to automate your store using AI

Aipoly’s Autonomous Store Platform & related projects learn the preferences of your customer adapting to an ideal mix of products. Customers are directed to the appropriate shelf & products are automatically stocked/restocked if there’s customer demand.

‘Amazon Polly’ can now speak in 8 different English voices

Amazon has invited developers to participate in a “developer preview” that will allow them to use as many as 8 ‘Amazon Polly’ US English voices for utterances in their Alexa apps. And, it’s for free.

Amazon ‘Sumerian’ browser to create AR, VR & 3D experiences now available to all

Amazon Sumerian lets anyone create VR/AR applications. You don’t need specialized programming or 3D graphics expertise to get started. You can create, edit, & publish applications with a Web browser using the Sumerian editor.