‘Buyte’ lets you offer Apple Pay on your Website without having to use Safari

If you have an e-commerce Site, until now you were stuck having to use Apple’s Safari browser for Apple Pay integrations. With Buyte your customers can checkout & pay with Apple’s popular payment solution when they’re shopping with any browser, be it on mobile or desktop.

Buyte offers a widget with which developers can implement Apple Pay using a simple snippet. This snippet can then be exposed on all browsers & devices, so your customers can use Apple Pay to check out be where they may.

Apple Pay is taking off as a payment method & Buyte already has a solution & is working on similar solutions for emerging mobile payment technology like Android Pay, Samsung Pay & the Woocommerce WordPress extension.

Most Websites still lack an Apple Pay solution, not to mention solutions for these other payment methods. Clearly, opportunities are being missed, as the way things stand now a new shopper on your site typically need to make as many as 20 taps or clicks & pull out their credit card to confirm a purchase. With the Buyte solution a new user checks out buying your product with 3 taps.

Buyte is a payment as a service solution, so with a single integration an Internet retailer can accelerate conversions on mobile devices & browsers. It’s currently estimated in a recent article referenced in the Buyte Website that there are 86,000,000+ users worldwide using Apple Pay. Additionally, another 34,000,000+ use Samsung Pay & 24,000,000+ are on Android Pay.

To get started using Buyte, you just have to contact them through their product page & you’ll be able to use their service through a simple code snippet. The pricing is 2% per transaction + merchant fees. There are no hidden setup or monthly fees involved.

The merchant fees are through an account you’ll need from the Stripe payment processing & fraud prevention platform, which is also transaction based & costs 2.9% + US $0.30 per successful transaction in the US, & 1.4% + €0.25 in Europe.

Buyte is a startup based in Sydney, Australia.


– This is a startup profile based on publicly available material & not a review – 

Image Credit: Buyte

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