Buy & manage your domains from 1 place with ‘Nuage’

Having a great domain name is essential for Web businesses. However, buying a domain name can be a bit tricky. ‘Nuage’ is a platform that helps you buy, import as well as manage domains. With this tool, you can buy domains from a pool of hundreds of domains. In addition, the tool aggregates your domains from multiple registrars to the same interface for you. Therefore, they help you find good domain processes on the net while also providing you with an uncluttered interface.

Nuage has a database of over 545 tlds. In addition, as you type the domain, the tool searches allowing you to explore all options as soon as possible. After finding the domain name Nuage simplifies the buying process for you. It doesn’t require you to fill out any buying forms. You’ll only provide your contact details & credit card. In addition, the platform saves your details to make the buying quicker next time.

In addition, with Nuage, you’ll get to manage all your domains in 1 place. The platform does this by connecting to your registrar’s API. Therefore, saving you the need for transferring your domains. The developers also claim that they don’t change your domain’s infrastructure hence ensuring its security. In addition, Nuage allows you to edit your DNS. Also, it allows you to connect to your favorite services. Therefore, you can redirect to Medium, Shopify, Tumblr, Squarespace among others quite easily. This helps you to create as many subdomains as you want while also being able to communicate in a click.

Are you worried about losing your domains? Well, Nuage ensures you automatically renew your domains on time. It also gives the option to opt out of renewing domains you no longer want. The platform’s domains include domain WhoIsGuard, Free DNS Server, anti-cache poisoning & Transfer Security.

Nuage is a free platform, hence you don’t require a subscription. The platform’s founders are Benjamin Guedj, a designer, & Arnaud Aubry who is also the maker of Legend for Messenger. The startup’s headquarters is in San Francisco, USA.


 – This is a startup profile based on publicly available material & not a review – 


Image Credit: Nuage

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