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So you have decided to get yourself a Website? Then again, you change your mind because of the hassles of maintaining it. Well, now there’s a startup called GCSkye Design that, for a fee, will not only build you a Website but also look after its maintenance.

Building, managing & securing – these are 3 important words when it comes to Websites. GCSkye Design claims to be a “hassle free” company which can do all these 3 things, letting you off the hook while you focus on your business.

These guys promise “security, speed & happiness” when it comes to your Website. You can sample the goods by agreeing to let them build you a free Website. Obviously, there’s more sophisticated stuff available, for a monthly/annual fee.

The company boasts of keeping to industry standards & implementing leading SEO techniques. They use lightweight code to build the Site, inserting advanced SEO into every page, while constantly updating the security measures. The North Carolina, US-based company has made it simple for users by having templates of ‘Privacy Policies’, for instance, as well as WordPress plugins, & ‘Terms of Use’ templates. It bills itself as a “hassle-free website building & management company”.

Here’s what you get with GCSkye Design:

  • Website built around your needs
  • Allows you to experience a more responsive site
  • Make changes to your site with the premium page builder
  • You get a domain name with every Website built

This startup claims to offer more than just basic Site management. Users can receive custom emails for each of their staff members; name@yourdomain.com, there is continuous update of security features, & the Site is updated even on holidays.

Go to https://gcskyedesign.com/build-my-website/ to access this startup.

– This post is merely a startup profile based on publicly available information & not a review. –
Image Credit: GCSkye Design
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