Buffer’s Pablo image app comes as a Chrome extension

Millions, including companies use social media dashboard Buffer app to enhance their social media presence. You get to schedule your posts/tweets, & don’t really need a social media manager, so to speak. So if you are marketing guru, or an agency, Buffer is your natural born ally.

Studies conducted by J D Power have shown that 67% of customers actually use a company’s social media channels for customer service. Customers expect a response within the hour. Thus, it becomes even more important to have a dynamic footprint in this territory. You save time on your social media updates, you post to multiple social media accounts simultaneously & you have a consistent schedule set up for your followers.

Images have started playing a big role in making your social posts stand out from the rest. But, sometimes, it takes forever to create the perfect image for your outlet as you agonize over fonts, clarity, size, etc. Creating a perfect image can be time consuming. This is where Pablo by Buffer comes in. This Website 1st reported on Pablo when it was launched.

Pablo lets you put your best image forward across all social platforms. Creating an image with text using Pablo can be done under 30 secs. So if it is Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ or Pinterest, you create your own images & share them. As a marketer, this is invaluable since your images are in the perfect format, your accompanying text is the appropriate font size & the typography is attractive.

Some time in Oct last came Pablo 2.0. Among the many pluses, users can now access Pablo 2.0 from any Web page.  With it, you can access Pablo from any Web page & use the elements of the page as the elements of your next Pablo image. Now there’s the Chrome extension of the latest Pablo version.

Right-click on text anywhere on the web to use the text as the quote for your Pablo image. With the launch of the Pablo Chrome extension, your social images can receive a boost & give you that extra oomph. So here’s what is to be done:

  1. Find the perfect picture.
  2. Either right-click the image & select Pablo or click the Pablo button that appears in the bottom right corner of the picture.
  3. Create your Pablo

The extension also allows you to save your custom logo.

Here’s a video that explains how to use Pablo 2.0





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