Browse securely with any app on your Apple device – New app

browsecurelylogoSecure browsing Online is something all of us want but these days, one cannot be complacent on this front. Now, an extension for secure browsing is available for free on a Safari platform for your iPad & iPhone. So you can open Safari-based Web views in all apps on the iOS share sheet using Browsecurely.

Using the Safari View Controller, you can open selected Web pages, giving you more control & stealth. But many apps have in-built browsers which use their own code instead of Safari’s. Thus, your privacy is not guaranteed, & your viewing habits can be tracked. With Browsecurely, you can open any link with Safari without leaving the app you are using. The app is developed by US- based Martin Gordon who also developed the Split Pea app for iPad.



With this app & the Safari platform, you can:

  • Keep your tracking habits to yourself
  • You choose what to block with Safari Content blockers
  • There is smooth exporting into other sites in Safari


Click here to download Browsecurely on your iOS device.


– This post is merely a startup profile based on publicly available information & not a review. –
Image Credit: Browsecurely
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