Breathe life into your lock screen – New app

What do you think your lock screen can do? For iOS users, there’s now some excitement on this front with the new ‘LiveUseful’ phone app.




Basically, this app allows you to add in your lock screen features such as;

  • Hide text
  • Images
  • QR code

What’s more, you can also be able to add more features including reminders, to-do lists, QR code of your social media account & so much more, you will find that your lock screen can do a lot . Well, it depends on your imagination.

Customize your lock screen

All you need to do is choose a wallpaper, add all the apps you need to have or see when you wake your phone. Leave the rest to the LiveUseful phone app.

The app will build a ‘Live’ photo & set it as your lock screen image. The app give you more power to:

  • Add text on the background with a card
  • Change the card style, font size, & also, the text alignment
  • Blur the background

The QR feature

This is 1 feature of its kind that LiveUseful app brings for your convenience. With the feature, you will find that you can be able to add QR code in the background & also transfer the code to use the camera or an image.  The app also allows you to show your social media QR code to others at any time.

Add Image

With this application, you will find that you can be able to add an image to the background. The image can show as a popover or even cover the full screen.

More to that, you can use the function to make more interesting things on the lock screen which makes this app useful & fun to use at the same time.

The LiveUseful app can save the last photo you used last time. You do not have to select your wallpaper every time.

The LiveUseful is special in that you can use your Lock Screen as your reminder, your to-do list, your shopping list, word card exchange rate table & so much more. Whatever you add to your lock screen will largely depend on you.

The LiveUseful was published in 2018 as a utility app by the Jinyu Meng. The current version is 1.1 & will work well on 11.0 & high iOS versions. It comes with a free & pro version.

Click here to download LiveUseful on your iOS device.


– This is a startup profile based on publicly available material & not a review –  


Image Credit: LiveUseful

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