Bitly to shutter bundles service

bundlesURL shortening service Bitly has decided to shutter its bundles service. It has announced this on its official blog. Starting April 7, we will be migrating bundles into read-only mode. You’ll be able to visit your bundles in read-only mode until May 7, when we will be formally sunsetting this feature.

Bundles was introduced in 2010 with 1 aim – helping users share groups of links through one Bitlink. But users quickly found their own creative uses for bundles; bundles became a way to collaborate on a list of favorite tunes, communicate internal updates at work, or even keep track of other great bundles, said the blog post.

What the Bitly team found was: bundles weren’t used as much as it thought. Less than 2% of Bitlinks were added to bundles. Bundles received less than 3% of pageviews, & about 25% of bundles were set to private.

The team also alleged that bundles was abused. Over 80% of bundles contained spam Content, & it was often used as publicly accessible text box for questionable Content.

Bundles will be going into read-only mode on April 7. This means that you can still check out your bundles, but you will no longer be able to add, edit or curate bundles.  Bundles will be in read-only mode for one month, before they are formally sunset on May 7, announced Bitly.


Image Credit: Bitly




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