Backblaze Online backup app releases Mobile 2.0

backblazelogoOnline backup service Backblaze has released its new Mobile 2.0 for iOS app for iPhone, iPad, iPad Mini or iPod Touch device users.

Blackblaze Online Backup is a desktop application for Windows or Mac users that automatically copies, encrypts & sends all your data files, pictures, music & documents to the Backblaze servers.

You can then access the backed up files from anywhere, including on your phone using the Backblaze iOS app. In fact, you can use the mobile app to access, download, experience & share the files.

New features in the Backblaze Mobile 2.0 for iOS app include easy access with Touch ID support. There’s also a thumbnail feature that shows thumbnails of downloaded pictures in the “browse list” panel. You can now also switch between portrait & landscape modes from within the app for best view.

The new version of the app also has improved search & download functionality. Just pull down the Backblaze Mobile search bar to find the file you are looking for. You can also type in the first few letters of the file you are looking for & hit search to get a list of all the files that begin with those letters.

You can now also share files via text, email, etc. The new app is also built to work across just about any & all Apple devices & iOS versions, including iPhone (4, 4S, 5, 5C, 5S, 6 & 6 Plus), iPad & iPad Air, iPad Mini & iPod Touch.

The Backblaze Online Backup service is priced at $5/month. You can also opt for the US $50/year or US $95 for a 2 years package to get a lower price. This price is for unlimited data backups for one computer.

Palo Alto, California, USA-based Backblaze was founded by Gleb Budman in Feb 2007. The company has raised$5.3 million in funding, including $5 million in Series A funding in July 2012.

Click here to download the Backblaze Mobile 2.0 for iOS app from the App Store.

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