Now, create slideshows from any source with Google Slides


Google has just announced the general availability of the Google Slides API. This will now help just about anybody to create slideshows from any data source. Click on the image to read more.



Gmail updates iOS app

Introduced in 2011, it’s was high time Google brought the iOS app to present-day standards.

Facebook launches Windows-based gaming platform on PC ‘gameroom’


The ‘gameroom’ desktop gaming platform is available in beta build for all developers & for users to download on Windows 7 & above. For access, click on the image.

5 ways to transfer files from one computer to another

When you buy a new computer, you’ll want to transfer most of your existing files over to the new computer. A lot of people, who spend their time gathering vacation pictures & family videos, will want to make a big move leaving nearly nothing behind. Others, like myself, only keep the essential stuff; some documents they’re still working on & a few application installations they’ll be needing shortly.