Anxel Pineiro

With ‘Boom Connections’ stay connected with family & friend without joining social media – New app

The free Android & iOS app is ideal for getting your grandma or grandpa, or older parents or uncles to share in modern social activities. It lets you choose between being an author or a follower when you 1st install it. If your role is Follower, you can invite friends or family members that you want to follow, and you’ll receive their private feeds.

‘Big Photo’ lets you enlarge or downsize your iPhone photos while keeping full resolution – New app

With this iOS-only app, you can take your latest-gen, high-resolution iPhone photos, of up to 115 megapixels, & downsize them to custom sizes. Among a bunch of other great features, you can resize a photo to 200%+ of its size without ruining its original quality, by doing intelligent upsampling.