Anxel Pineiro

‘Boutir’ is an app that lets you build & manage your Online store – New app

With this store builder app & its mobile-commerce platform you’ll be able to quickly get your product’s Online presence off the ground & you’ll be selling from your own shop for free on mobile, on both iPhone & Android.

There’s a lot of ways to sell stuff Online but most involve a lot of development & Online marketing work. Boutir makes things simple. It’s made for sellers who want to reach a wider audience through mobile platforms, giving their businesses a big boost without having to worry about dealing with the major marketplaces & their expensive listing & transaction fees.

With ‘Custodee’ you can monitor competitor Websites – #Startup

Custodee is a service that monitors Websites that you want to keep tabs on, giving you a summarized email once a day if any changes are made to elements in the pages. Daily screenshots are also captured & stored by the service, so you can get a visual idea of how your competitors are changing their Sites.

Powerful set of free design tools to supercharge screen design workflow

This new suite of plugins lets you design & prototype with real data in mind. You can add new Content with just a click & pull in “live” Content from Websites, pull in data from APIs & sync your brand design to the Cloud so your team is always up to speed with the latest stuff.