Moushumi Chakrabarty

Chat with your Website visitors ‘live’ with this Web app – #Startup

Converting visitors to your Website to become customers is a tricky affair. Often, they will just look at the goods & services up on offer, & after spending some minutes, they will probably leave, leaving you, the Website owner, heartbroken. But what if you could ‘live’ chat with them, & convince them to come on to your side? Read on….

A handwriting app for your iPad called ‘Penultimate’

You may think your handwriting beats any old digital font. Or sometimes, it’s just plain satisfying to go over notes in your own handwriting. Remember ‘journaling’, that is, just putting down your thoughts? But since, these days, we don’t use many physical notebooks or legal pads, how about your own ‘digital’ handwriting?

Anonymous app for fun messages – New app

There are messaging apps & then, there are anonymous messaging apps. Sometimes, you want to prank your friends, reveal your secret crush or tease someone. Here’s the app which lets you send messages, videos, voice-notes or photos without revealing your identity. Only when you decide to unmask yourself will the receiver know who sent the message. Let the fun & games begin.

Entrepreneurs – ‘Ideator’ pours life into your business idea – #Startup

Do you have a business idea? Here’s a service that allows you to take it from a mere idea to a business plan to the launch stage. This startup helps you meet mentors & investors – essentially it does all those things necessary to get an idea off the ground.