Moushumi Chakrabarty

Tipping goes hi-tech

Did you know, just as you ‘like’ a post on your social media account, you can, as easily, send a tip. ‘ChangeTip’ allows you to ‘tip’ any person, any cause, any creative endeavor, anywhere in the world.

Use cool text effects all over the Web


Maybe you like using text effects on Twitter, Facebook & other colorless text-only platforms. It’s your way of rebelling. As well, it’s a fun way to express yourself. It’s Unicode text magic which lets you style your text on your social media platforms like Facebook, Gmail, Slack, or Twitter. Continue reading

Help with documentation is here with this application

‘StepShot’ is your documentation helper supporting you in the tedious tasks associated with all phases of a software development lifecycle. Thus, your role as a technical implementation assistant or trainer, gets easier.

Parse like a pro with this API

Are you tired of reading messy Content on the Web & on your mobile? You wish there was an API specifically to grab & capture, to parse sympathetically & intelligently? The folks over at NY-based Instapaper, a popular read-it-later service, have come up with the Instaparser, an API which does just that. So if you are a developer, give the newly-minted API a shot.

Are you game for this? – New game

A free-to-play game which climbed up to #1 on the Apple store this month, Qubed, has many admirers. Who doesn’t like blowing up blocks? Perhaps the games’ activity fuels some latent aggression within players.