Mauli Buch

Watch out for the Pokémon in this article. Gotcha! 1

It’s the newest “big” digital thing, a blockbuster, & taking much of the world (& now, the US) by storm. So much so that most social media users are obsessing about it on social media forums. The object of their fascination – Pokémon GO.

All that was announced on Day 1 of Apple WWDC

While no hardware was announced on the 1st day, Apple announced the macOS Sierra, the next-gen operating system & successor to OS X. macOS Sierra comes with features that make the Mac smarter. Siri is now on the Mac with brand-new capabilities to help with the things users do every day on their desktop.

All you needed to know about bots & then some

The Internet’s full of bot talk. But they’ve been around since the start of the Internet. So why all this bot chatter now? Here’s a primer on bots & the reasons for the sudden interest in them.

Virtual Reality to lead smartphone sales resurgence?

Smartphone makers are slowly but surely leaning towards VR reality to renew consumer appetite. According to a new market research report, the VR technology market was expected to reach US $15.8 bn by 2020.