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Create your own custom digital marketing dashboards with ‘Reportz’

For digital marketers, reporting on the products & services you’re selling can be time consuming & stressful. Often reports are crafted manually for individual clients & this just takes up too much of your time that you could be spending making more money. Reportz is designed to help with this problem, it’s an intuitive tool that aims to automate reports & create dashboards using real time data from multiple points of sale.

The ‘Unnamed’ CSS framework is a colorful addition to your Website design – #Startup 1

If you design & code Websites you know how difficult it can be to come up with consistent beautifully designed Sites. The ‘Unnamed’ CSS framework helps you out by providing a library of prepared classes that you can use on your HTML files or by importing Sass or CSS elements.

Exchange your cryptocurrency with ‘Evercoin’

Bitcoin is no longer the only game in town. It seems like each day another cryptocurrency appears on the market & it can be difficult to convert from 1 to the other without going through multiple hoops. This is where ‘Evercoin’ can be of help. It’s a Silicon Valley-based instant-access cryptocurrency exchange that seeks to transform the world’s financial infrastructure.