Andy Subramanium

iGoStartup offers Online startup analysis & guidance tools

The use of the iGoStartup questionnaires & calculators gives you a personalized report which will guide you through the necessary steps of starting your own business. The completely automated software can help you evaluate the viability of an idea, identify the pros & cons, & give you comparisons of your business against that of your competitors.

This startup hunts email addresses for you 1

Email Hunter is a Web tool & Chrome browser plugin that helps you find email addresses for specific domains. The concept & use of the tool is simple, & exceedingly useful, too. You simply type in the domain name as a search query & it will show you the emails associated with that domain.

Duda inSite DIY mobile Website builder tool allows individual visitor personalization

Duda’s Do It Yourself (DIY) mobile Website builder platform DudaOne has just added a feature called inSite that allows you to show each visitor a different version of the Website that is personalized to match each specific visitor. inSite creates dynamic Web Content based on customer behavior & variables such as the time of day or week, location, the device used to access the mobile Website, the number of visits, etc.