Andy Subramanium

Owler helps gather business intelligence in an easy to understand way

To start off, this startup Owler is in the business of, well, business intelligence It’s main mission is to help professionals & businesses know how they stack up against their competitors, & to provide “crisp” intelligence & alerts on their competitors, customers, partners, etc.

OptiKey on-screen keyboard lets you click & type with your eyes

OptiKey is an on-screen keyboard which, when coupled with an eye-tracking device, will allow you to click & type using only your eyes. The simple & easy to use assistive on-screen keyboard is open source & runs on Windows, & is designed to be used with a low cost eye-tracking device.

Mobile blogging, anyone? Get the Heap app – New app

Heap is a mobile blogging app that allows you to quickly & easily create ‘heaps’ or compositions comprising video, photo, text &/or sound. Using this new mobile app, anybody can create their own micro-magazines with no design, CMS & other associated Online publishing headaches.

See how much time users spend with your app using triggerHOOD – #Startup

TriggerHOOD is a tool for app developers that will help evaluate how app users spend time on the phone, & trigger notifications when the user is in the most likely mood to engage with your app. It’s not hard to see the appeal of this kind of functionality in an app. These days, the hard part for app developers is not to get users to download your app, but to keep users engaged & happy with the app through personalized interaction.