Anand R

‘Portal’ for self-hosting open source apps on private Cloud

‘Portal’ is a service that lets you self-host open source apps on a private Cloud. You can run everything from your email to a blog, VPN & other Cloud services on Portal. In fact, you can run apps in your Portal from any developer in the world. The apps will run in isolated virtual machines on your domain, controlled by you through a Web interface.

Create animated HTML 5 ads with ‘Adcade Epoch’ ad building tool

Epoch is an ad building tool that makes it easy to create animated multi-screen HTML5 ads. Epoch is serious competition, providing ad builders & designers a lot of functionality to create animated HTML5 ads without worrying if their ads will work on any screen, any device, or ad server.

Learn Ruby & Ruby on Rails with this new smartphone app

Pocket Programming is a smartphone app that will help you learn programming on Ruby & Ruby on Rails. To be more specific, it helps beginners move on to a more skilled level where you are able to tackle problems instead of just being able to imitate tutorials.

Yeti offers curated recommendations to help startups – #Startup

The concept for Yeti seems to be that it’s more about practical steps to take (or not to) than about networking or how-to style guides. In other words, the recommendations will help startups learn from the experiences of people who have done it before & will tell how to avoid mistakes that you might otherwise make.