ASUS portable projector plays Android phone Content via micro-USB

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Some interesting range of products were introduced at its Zensation press conference demo area at Computex 2015 in Taipei, Taiwan, by ASUS, aptly dubbed a “Zen-inspired product lineup.” There was the ZenWatch 2, a Zenfone Selfie with 13MP camera, a whole line of ROG ASUS gaming notebooks, a wireless gaming mouse, & a graphics card. But the 1 that generated a lot of interest was a tiny LED projector called the ASUS E1Z.

The E1Z is being billed by ASUS as the world’s 1st LED projector capable of projecting Content stored on Android phones via micro-USB connections. It completely eliminates all the HDMI dongles & adapter cables & stuff that you need to lug around to interface a projector with a smartphone.

But there’s more, because the palm-sized projector also comes with a built-in rechargeable battery. This means that it doesn’t need to be plugged in anywhere to get the juice it needs. On the contrary, the E1Z with its 6000mAh power bank can be used to charge mobile devices.

All this makes the palm-sized projector  a truly portable 1 that you can slip into your pocket along with your phone. It’s ideal for travel & impromptu presentations, video gaming & watching movies or videos on your phone as a group, so that all of you don’t have to huddle over the phone.

The E1Z comes with a mercury-free LED light source, making use of DLP technology, offering 100% NTSC color gamut so that you get the full RGB color spectrum with clear & bright images vividly projected as an accurate color reproduction.

ASUS didn’t release any more details about the E1Z or its price, availability & specs. However, Engadget reports it may be priced at around $200. As compared to other portable projectors that are typically priced in the $400-600 range, this, then, could be steal.

It also indicates that the ASUS E1Z won’t have any bells & whistles, & will likely focus on its core function of projecting videos as best as possible with maximum convenience.

Image: ASUS Chairman Jonney Shih introduces the new products. Credit: ASUS




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