Intelligence comes to search. Go into the Light

We have read reports Online of the coming demise of Google Search…or it becoming increasingly irrelevant in our lives. If this Indian tech team has its way, & if its product Light does work as claimed, that could be a distinct possibility. Your search for answers Online may have just got a whole lot uncomplicated.

A team of 3 Indian tech guys have developed the Light app, which came out of stealth a few days ago at the Gennext Innovation Hub, an accelerator powered by Reliance Industries & Microsoft Ventures, in India. In 1 sentence: Light is “an answering machine”. We would say it’s a search-for-answers machine.

Light is the next brave step in the world of Artificial Intelligence (AI). It is a search or an answering engine built on Natural Language Processing (NLP), Machine learning and Man-Machine hybrid technologies. Its developers claim that enables the new app to answer virtually any of your questions, that too, in conversation form. There are no Web pages or links to scroll through, ask a question, get an answer upfront.

The ‘Man-Machine hybrid technologies’ is the key process here by which Light manages the data that the machine cannot comprehend.

The Light app is currently in pre-Beta stage & available by invite only.

Writing on a blog, one of trio Sanjeev Nair says: Consider this – studies show that the average lifespan of man today is about 65-70 years. If we take a conservative estimate at say 60 years, then this is how we are spending our time:

Sleeping: 5,40,000 hrs (25 yrs)

Spent Online = 10,800 hrs (5 yrs)

The average time spent searching for information Online is 47,520 hrs (2.2 yrs)

He futher writes: The result of this was the creation of a system that was built on NLP, machine learning and man-machine hybrid technologies. A system that can understand natural language input, process it, and fetch the relevant information based on the input. We have the first NLP driven answering engine in the world. No more keywords to remember, no more drilling into links and links. No more searching.

All one has to do now is ask. Have a conversation. Engage. Like you normally do with your friends and family.

To get the Light app, click here.


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