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quebedPlaying with blocks isn’t limited to kids since video games started multiplying on phones & Online. We may have our favourite games, ranging from fighting demons & irate birds, to simple stick & carrot affairs. What is it about playing these games that’s so addictive? A recent survey found that 28% of people play while at work, & 30% consider themselves addicted to games. Clearly game designers have logged on to a winning streak.

A free-to-play game which climbed up to #1 on the Apple store this month, Qubed, has many admirers. Who doesn’t like blowing up blocks? Perhaps the games’ activity fuels some latent aggression within players. The idea behind this increasingly popular game is to stack the grid with vertical & horizontal lines of blocks. A 10-piece line forms, and you’ve hit a home run.

But wait, there has to be a villain in the mixture, or where’s the fun? The name of this particular bad-man is Block-Lock. Not only do you have to defeat him, the designers have lined up an arsenal of tricks for you.



Here goes:

  • Bombs. Use a bomb to free up some space for that pesky block that needs placing.
  • Undo. Not satisfied with your last block place? Get rid of it & try it again.
  • More Blocks. Not satisfied with the blocks you currently have? Get a refresh to find the perfect fit.

There’s other ways too, but the developers have decided to let you hunt that 1 out yourself. Kevin Jonas is the developer of this game. He runs Blu Market Inc., & has created other games like Stay In Line, Dot Jump, Brio – Don’t Fall & Avoid The Circles.

 – This post is merely a startup profile based on publicly available information & not a review. -   


Image Credit: Blu Market Inc



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