Are you a slowmographer? Become one with this new app


Actions always look cooler in slowmo, right? I mean, you can fancy yourself in a movie, running in slowmo, towards the sunset – it doesn’t require any great feat of the imagination surely. It’s not hard these days, to star in your own slowmo mini-movie. There’s tons of apps which allow you to indulge your whim.

One of them, rated #1 in 10 countries, is everydayslowmo, or Mo for short, & marries the best features of mobile photography with video making. The iOS-friendly app makes it simple to create stunning slow motion loops, so photographers, travelers, sports & outdoor enthusiasts, lifestyle bloggers, instagrammers, Tumblr users & vine stars find themselves in a sweet spot. If you don’t have your GoPro with you, using Mo will give you the same rush since it’s the best instant action camera app, claims the developer.

It’s quick; so you just take the photos & the app will turn them into awe-inspiring slow motion GIFs or video loops. You’re going to stand out in Instagram, for sure. To further the cool factor, you can add transition effects & image filters. With the GIFs, you can iMessage, Facebook Messenger or email immediately. Who complaining, in this age of instant gratification?

Let’s look at the features:

  • You can record fixed-length slow motion clips
  • Add image filters to fine tune your shots
  • Add transition effects to get the most out of the looping format
  • Make longer edits with the Make Mix feature
  • Save as video to your camera roll
  • Save as GIF to the camera roll
  • Add additional transitions

Using Mo saves time, doesn’t need you to edit, & lets you share instantly. But if you’re in the mood to tell a more complex story, with many frames, you can string together multiple shots.

Mo Flux Ltd, the company which makes the app is co-founded by Tamas Szakal from Hungary. The Android version is being tinkered with in their labs, & should be available soon.


– This post is merely a startup profile based on publicly available information & not a review. - 
Image Credit: Mo


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