App ‘Cubeit’ is the Most Useful Startup of the Month – March 2016

mostusefulstartuplogoIt’s been a terrific journey for us at Whats New On The Net in March. We featured scores of startups & new mobile apps. But that also made our edit team’s effort to zero in on the Most Useful Startup of the Month that much more tough. There were so many terrific startups out there that it made the team’s job very difficult.

But there has to be 1 winner at the end of it all….so here it comes….The Most Useful Startup of the Month title for March 2016 goes to the smartphone app, ‘Cubeit.’

This app helps users categorize all Content about 1 product/service in 1 place on their phones. All your apps with their related Content is stored in 1 multi-tasking cube on your smartphone. It’s like what you would do on your PC with related Content – save a document with those links. Only, this is with a smartphone which puts all your Content, that is, images, videos, files, tweets, maps, contacts, into a neat box. With Cubeit, you may create a folder on your phone connecting different types of Content.
So congrats to Team Cubeit. For those who want to catch up on this app, click here.
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