‘Anygrowth’ promotes your business Online & automates marketing effort

anygrowthWith its Web-based products Stream & Toolkit, ‘anygrowth’ is able to quickly promote a company’s Online presence on different social media outlets in real time. It also helps grow your business by optimizing SEO, increasing traffic & lead generation with a number of “growth hacking” tools.

The French startup, which has been around since early 2015, has made a name for itself in the “growth hacking” field by simplifying tasks which are central to the growth of any modern company. It has already been taken up by various startups & established companies alike, both in the US & internationally.


As its name implies, the Toolkit platform provides a bunch of powerful tools to help generate targeted traffic, leads, automation actions & viral marketing actions:

  • Facebook group ID, page ID & email extractor
  • Mass comment generator for growing backlinks & generating targeted traffic to a Website
  • Twitter account, profile & email extractor based on keywords
  • Long tail keyword finder & SEO strategy optimizer
  • Send traffic to a Website with a custom referee to improve Alexa ranking & SEO
  • Analyze keyword density & improve SEO
  • Automate visits to multiple LinkedIn profiles
  • Widget to extract emails from a Website
  • Leads generator for generating leads & sending targeted emails from a list of email addresses
  • Mass Facebook invitations by email for growing Facebook groups
  • SEO position checker in Google & Bing by keyword
  • Bulk validation of email addresses

The pricing for access to the toolkit platform starts with a free trial for one month with access to the 15 tools & up to 10 emails per month. The ‘premium’ plan costs US $17/month & allows multiple accounts to be created for the company using it with a maximum of 1,000 emails per month, while the ‘Pro’ version adds dedicated support & ups the number of emails to 10,000, for $31/month.

The Stream Platform

Stream concentrates on promoting your products in 10 Social Media platforms: Twitter (tweets & people), Disqus comments, Quora questions, LinkedIn articles, Facebook (pages & posts), Facebook direct Message & YouTube comments.

You start by selecting from 1 & up to the 10 data sources available & selecting the keywords related to your products or services. Stream then finds social media conversations & places to start promoting your products & finally helps you to create interactions by creating “smart messages”, random, pre-recorded auto-filled messages.

The pricing for Stream starts with a 3-day free test period for the Premium product which includes chat support, unlimited users, auto-fill content, 1 smart message/source & 3 columns with 3 simultaneous sources, for US $9/month. There are ‘Standard’ & ‘Large’ versions which sell for $29 & $49/ month, respectively, & add up to 15 columns for Standard or 50 for Large, with both having unlimited sources & smart messages.

A Chrome plugin for Anygrowth’s SAAS Dashboard Automation is also available here.


– This post is merely a startup profile based on publicly available information & not a review. –
Image Credit: anygrowth
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