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Wallpapers & skins are best when changed often. Downloading wallpapers, saving them to your phone & then changing them wastes a lot of your time & energy. Instead, if there was that 1 place from where you could get all your favorite wallpapers & skins, you would be a happier Android user This is exactly what ‘Everything Android’ aims to do: make Android users happier.

If you are an android user, no one will be happier about this startup than you! This startup makes sure all your Android phone needs are available at 1 place, skins, wallpapers or apps. You do not need to search anything elsewhere, for everything Android makes sure of that. Everything Android gives you a satisfied user experience by the offers in its Website. Android enthusiasts must thank Sandor, a design intern of Facebook in London for making this platform.

The layout of the Website is simple & slick. You got all you want on their main page. You just need to maneuver through the different tabs to choose what you are looking for. The minimalistic approach of the Website is a plus. This avoids confusion. You have an option to share the things that you find attractive via various social media options that it gives you beneath each picture. Each showcased item can be clicked on to enlarge the images to view them better.

Also, a newer updated version is promised within two weeks, after taking the feedback of the users till date. So, everything Android is going to be out with more details shortly. With the new update, the maker promises to have more details about each item so that you get a clear picture of the app, skin or wallpaper.

This Site is free & you can go crazy getting what you like for y our Android phone. No need to search through apps in the crowded android market, since everythingandroid is that supermarket that puts everything up on display.


– This is a startup profile based on publicly available material & not a review – 


Image Credit: Everything Android

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