An email service where you can hit the delete button after ‘Send’ – #Startup


Today, our edit team has “unearthed” another “self-destructing” email service called Dmail (yeah, rhymes with Gmail, we get it). But this 1 is a Chrome extension & in fact, works in conjunction with your Gmail.

Brought by the guys who also gave us social bookmarking service Delicious, the way to use Dmail is very easy. Install the extension. Then, while sending emails from your Gmail, just press the tab that says, “Send using Dmail.”. And you are done.

Dmail has many features: (a) Encrypted email (b) Revoke access to any of the emails sent (c) Ensure emails are read by the intended receipents only

If our readers may recall, some weeks ago, we had written about how Gmail itself had introduced an “Undo Send” button. Almost 6 years after experimenting with it, Google had announced that it has installed the ‘Undo Send’ tab as a mainstream setting in Gmail. Which means, it will give Gmail users upto 30 seconds to recall a message that had been ‘sent’.

While Dmail professes to offer slightly different services, What’s New On The Net has, in the past, written, about several such email services.

By the way, Dmail messages can be securely sent to anyone, regardless of whether they have Dmail or not. While the extension is free for now for individual use, there are other plans on the way.

Image Credit: Dmail



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