AMP on Gmail? Yes, says Google – News

So, what’s new with Gmail? Okay, here’s 1. Google has decided to experiment with introducing Accelerated Mobile Pages or AMP to email, more specifically Gmail.

AMP started as an effort to help publishers as it helped make mobile pages load faster through an open-source framework.

Google today announced through its official blog that it was now “bringing the power of AMP to email through the Gmail Developer Preview of “AMP for Email.” This new spec, it claimed, would be a “powerful way for developers to create more engaging, interactive, & actionable email experiences.”

Here’s what the post said:

For example, imagine you could complete tasks directly in email. With AMP for Email, you’ll be able to quickly take actions like submit an RSVP to an event, schedule an appointment, or fill out a questionnaire right from the email message. Many people rely on email for information about flights, events, news, purchases and beyond—more than 270 billion emails are sent each day! AMP for Email will also make it possible for information to easily kept up-to-date, so emails never get stale and the content is accurate when a user looks at it.
Companies like Pinterest, and Doodle are developing new experiences for consumers using AMP for Email, and we’re excited to see what others will do soon.